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"The character and intent of a man's heart will be known by his treatment of animals.
So shall you be known."

Indian Saying


          Greetings and welcome to my web site. I decided to design a web site concerning the plight of wolves for several reasons. First, I have always loved animals. I know this not to be true of all people, but for me the love is great. I believe that animals are living beings with feelings, needs, and instincts to be satisfied. We are not different. I also believe that animals have the right to fulfill their needs in a safe, non-threatening environment. Again, we are not different.

          In this case, the wolf is only one representative of the many animals whose existence is in jeopardy. I am very grateful to Barbara McCann and Running Deer who so graciously permitted me to use their own information about wolves on this website. As you read through their writings you will understand why I have chosen these two authors as a source of information. Both have a close experience with wolves, and Running Deer's perspective is from an Indian's stand point. Her information fascinates me. It seems that the Indians have taken the time to understand wolves and their benefits toward mankind. As Running Deer told me, "This information is for the people." Finally, I must thank Monty Sloan who so generously granted me permission to use his professsional photography of wolves on this site. These photographs capture the very essence and spirit of the wolf. Only a man who understands wolves himself can produce such photograhy.

          It is a known fact that the Inuit Indians hunted with the wolves. Today, many wolves are starving, and in many of the pictures you see them very slender. It is my hope to awaken in those who care about animals a sense of urgency to take action. A more humane and satisfying solution must be reached or the endangered wolves of today may become extinct. I hope we will all consider what we can do to save our wildlife for future generations.

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